My Belief In Jesus

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The only way that you can get your life back for eternity is by believing the Lord Jesus only.But when it comes to believing in the Lord Jesus, it becomes tough for people to give up their old lives an follow him in their hearts.The reason for this is that Satan is working through the dark to deceive people that they can never be saved by uses to live pleasing to God. Learn more about Christ Like Media at born without a brain. No wonder many are claiming that it is difficult to accept Jesus as The Lord and savior Of your heart and life.
Accepting Jesus and believing him is not only more say in saying or confessing that you have received him but is a way that is spiritually discerned and enabled by the holy spirit.But then you have to take you part in confessing that you have accepted the Lordship of Jesus in your Life then the Holy Spirit will intervene to enable that person to live a life that is acceptable to God.The only way that you can get reconnected back to God is by giving your life and accepting Jesus as your savior.The only way to heaven is by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.
The best thing about a life given to the Lord is that you will get joy and the peace of God in your life.The world is offering false hope and peace in a tricky way Satan is using his demons to blind peoples eyes by believing in his lies.God has already promised that those who believe in his son they will become the children of God.This is a very fact, potent truth because you now become a new person by understanding and accepting Jesus.
When you believe in Jesus as your savior, it does not mean that you are getting into religion, but instead, you are getting into a new spiritual life and walk with God.Through him, we have the assurance that we are victors in this life.Even though we may face a lot of tries for our believing in him, we become a winner because he also won the battle with Satan. Read more about Christ Like Media at Christ Like Media videos This is a life-changing fact that nobody can ever change if you believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.The power of his love towards us has made it possible for us to be in union with God our creator.After believing in the Lord Jesus, your life will be accompanied by the works of goodness that comes from the spirit changing power from God. Learn more from

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